How to Lose Weight as A Couple

You wake up with the thought that you should try a new diet, but nothing works out? You don’t have enough motivation! And what if you try to lose weight with your soulmate? Perhaps, your loved one also needs to visit the gym and lose a dozen kilos to look like attractive russian girls for marriage? If your proposal for joint weight loss is pleasant to your soulmate, then proceed to the implementation of these plans.


At the very beginning, you need to set a specific goal: how much weight do you intend to lose? For example, you need to lose 12 and your soulmate – 15 kg. So, together you need to get rid of 27 kg. It is one common (and not two different) goal that should unite you and turn you into one slimming organism. You should regularly weigh and discuss the overall performance of your measurements. Responsibility for the joint result will drive you to more serious steps.


You need to choose a food system and the kind of daily physical activity that will suit you both. In the refrigerator, there should not be products that are contraindicated to you. Also, you shouldn’t force each other to engage in an unloved sport. If you suddenly have diametrically opposite preferences, let the compromise be, for example, every evening 40-minute walks.


Your joint weight loss is doomed to failure if you don’t pay proper attention to self-organization and self-discipline. First, you must promise each other that in no case will you depart from the goal; that you will slowly but surely go to it. If you promise something not only to yourself but to your soulmate, it will be more difficult for you to break the word (at least, because it will be embarrassing).

Secondly, it is necessary to distribute control responsibilities. For example, on Monday, your loved one takes you to a fitness club; on Tuesday, you force you both to wake up 15 minutes earlier to do exercises; on Wednesday, you follow the proper nutrition and on Thursday, you go for a walk together.

Thirdly, you must constantly support each other, enjoy success, and in no case laugh at the failures. After all, only together you can overcome difficulties and achievements will only bring you satisfaction when they are appreciated by a loved one.


To avoid unnecessary quarrels and disputes (above all, about purchased food), always try to go to the store together. First, it will be easier for you to motivate yourself to find the “right” food, secondly, to avoid buying extra products, and thirdly, both of you will eventually be satisfied with the result.


The eating habits of men and women are different. Women usually eat more healthy food. Men, as a rule, eat high-calorie foods: pasta, fried foods or sweets. To succeed in losing weight, you both need to change your old habits and try to minimize anything that doesn’t go along: ready-made foods, deep frying, high-calorie sweets or excess carbohydrates. Eat vegetables and fruits. The more there are them in your daily menu, the better.

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