Fitness for Two: What to Choose?

It is even more interesting to do sports if it is done together! Psychologists say that common interests and hobbies not only unite young couples, but also open up a “new breath” for long-term relationships, this is not ukrainian love phrases. The time spent in a joint training session can dramatically diversify your life. If you are interested in doing something together, you will never be bored together!


A universal and democratic sport that is great for two! Even if one of you tends to run more, you can still train together: on the treadmill, in the arena, and in the park. Don’t underestimate the strength of the team spirit. Today you spend half an hour at a moderate pace, in half a year – at a charity marathon.


This is on the wave of popularity every winter. While the snow has not yet come down, it is definitely worth trying this sport! Powerful cardio in the fresh air trains the general and power endurance. Classic, ridge, universal move – there is no limit to perfection and ambition. In winter, there are ski half-marathons in Europe. Here’s an idea for a romantic sports trip!


The time of skiing flies imperceptibly and the level of endorphins goes off the scale. An important nuance that many don’t take into account is that you can practice these sports not only in winter because indoor skiing complexes are available all year round!


This multi-faceted sport uses all the muscles of a body. Not everyone can spend at least half an hour of such training. In winter, it is possible to practice in an indoor climbing wall and in summer, for example, on different rocks overlooking the sea or some other surprisingly romantic vertical. In addition to the sporting process, climbing can also be considered as team building – it requires trust, responsibility, and care.


Couples often decide to try out new programs. Men like to attend the zone of simulators and free weights, which many unreasonably consider more “male” sports. And girls may help open their boyfriends the advantages and subtleties of group and family programs. In fact, yoga is universal for everyone. You just need not be afraid to try something new. Don’t forget about the competitive moment – in the eyes of your loved ones, we always want to seem better, get their approving looks and encourage them in return. Excellent motivation, is not it?


Passed the time when the sport was divided into male and female. Today cross-fit inspires respect in everyone and a pylon deservedly entered the category of a rather heavy sport but girls like it and don’t pay attention to words. They are quite strong (actually, some of them even stronger than men). If you feel the drive, then go ahead! Functional training improves the strength and stamina of the muscles of the whole body, strengthens cardio, increases self-esteem and confidence in oneself.

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