Training certificates and CPD

It has always been our priority to ensure that our doctors keep up to date with the mandatory training; however this has become increasingly important since the change in the GMC Registration, as the new Licence to Practice means that all doctors must show continuing professional development. In accordance with the relevant framework agreement guidelines all locum doctors must have evidence of Life Support Training, Appraisals and the Mandatory Training Modules.

Life support training

There are a variety of Life Support Training Courses available to doctors and the most popular is the Advanced Life Support Course (ALS). In order for the ALS to be valid it must be accredited by the Resuscitation Council UK or the European Resuscitation Council. In terms of course content the Advanced Life Support is far more in-depth than its Basic counterpart in teaching people the theory and practical skills required to effectively treat cardio-pulmonary arrest and peri-arrest situations. Most NHS Trusts will offer ALS Courses throughout the year and the current list of courses can be found here. In comparison to the Advanced Life Support Course the Basic Life Support Course (BLS) does not go into as much depth however it is recommended for doctors who do not deal with Emergency care and Paediatrics. There are many independent companies within the UK who offer BLS Courses. In regards to Paediatricians the Resuscitation Council UK also offer a European Paediatric Life Support Course which again is available through many NHS trusts and the current list of courses can be found here. This is strongly recommended as the course content focuses on Infants & Children rather than general Life Support Training.

Mandatory training

As part of the relevant framework agreement guidelines all Locum doctors are required to carry out NHS mandatory training. Please contact our team at and we will arrange a course.

CRB Disclosures

We use a fast and efficient online CRB service that allows us to update your CRB or apply for a new one in a matter of minutes, with results received in days. Please contact our team at to find out more.

GMC Documentation

Since the GMC Registration changes in November 2009 all doctors must be registered with a licence to practice. You will need to provide us with a copy of your ‘proof of entry on the register letter’ to evidence this.