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Bristol Palin on Teen Pregnancy: ‘Wait 10 Years’

Governor Sarah Palin‘s daughter Bristol Palin gives her first television interview since the birth of her baby boy Tripp, opening up to Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren about motherhood and offering her personal views on abstinence.

“[Teens] should just wait ten years, it would just be so much easier,” Bristol Palin said about teen pregnancy. As for abstinence, Bristol Palin says she supports it but sometimes finds it “unrealistic.”

During her interview with Greta on “For the Record,” Governor Palin showed up with her new grandson. “Everyone helps out,” the new mom said of her big family. “I never would’ve thought I would’ve been a mom [a year ago] and I never thought my mom was gonna be chosen for vice president.

ABC’s Teddy Davis and Sara Just report: Bristol Palin, the 18-year-old daughter of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, told Fox News in her first interiew since giving birth that she would like to be an advocate against teen pregnancy.

“Everyone should wait 10 years,” Palin said. “I hope people learn from my story.”

“It’s so much easier if you’re married, have a house and career. It’s not a situation you want to strive for.”The announcement of Bristol Palin‘s pregnancy made headlines last summer just days after Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., selected her mother as his running mate for the Republican presidential ticket. Bristol Palin gave birth to a son, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, on Dec. 28, 2008.

Bristol Palin knocked down speculation that her mother’s political views played a role in her decision about how to handle the unexpected pregnancy. “It was my choice to have the baby,” the 18 year old said. “It doesn’t matter what my mom’s views are on it. It was my decision.”

Bristol Palin described to Fox’s Greta Van Susteren the moment when she, her boyfriend, Levi Johnston, and another friend told her parents that she was pregnant. She described that moment as “harder than labor.”

But this was not the only surprise Bristol Palin said she had for her mother, Alaska’s youngest governor. She told Van Susteren she had only told her mother she was doing this national television interview – in which Van Susteren and crew flew to Alaska – one day prior to the taping.

Nevertheless, Governor Palin appeared at the interview, with baby Tripp in tow.

Palin, who backed an abstinence-only s*x education program when she ran for governor in 2006, told Van Susteren to expect abstinence from all teenagers was “not realistic.”

“Get beyond the ideal of abstinence,” the 44 year old, new grandmother said. “Hey, life happens.”

“Not the most ideal situation, certainly you make the most of it,” said the governor.

Bristol Palin said she is getting help from many members of her family with raising the infant while continuing her studies. She told Van Susteren she has no immediate plans to marry Levi Johnson, who she described as a ‘hands on Dad.” Last year, there were reports that the couple would marry in the coming year.

“Eventually we’d like to get married,” the young mother said. “We’re focusing on getting through school though, getting a career going.”

Van Susteren asked Palin, “If you and I were talking a year ago and I said, what do you think is going to happen in your life, what do you think you would have told me?”

Bristol Palin answered, “I honestly have no idea because I never would have thought I would have become a mom. And I never would have thought my mom was going to be chosen for vice president.”

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