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Cancer is quickly becoming a pandemic. It is a condition which a group of cells exhibit abnormal and uncontrolled growth. It can also spread to other parts of the body via the bloodstream called metastasizing or simply invade other parts if it gets large enough. These aspects differentiate cancers from benign tumors which do not metastasize or invade. Cancer may affect people of all ages even fetuses can have cancer and causes 13% of all human deaths.

One particular cancer frequently occurs with women: Breast cancer. Although it is closely associated with women, there have been accounts of men having breast cancer as well. The occurrence of breast cancer in women is 100% more likely than that of males however survival rates are equal for both sexes.

Women in the United States have the highest occurrences of breast cancer in the world. Among women in the US, it is the most common cancer and the second most cause of cancer death second to lung cancer. The chances of an American female developing cancer are a staggering 1 out of 8. And the chances of death are 1 out of 35.

The first symptom of breast cancer is a lump that somehow feels different from the surrounding breast tissue. 80% of its occurrences are discovered by women when they feel an abnormal lump when performing self-checks. However medically, the first signs of cancer are detected by a physician via a mammogram. It is best to consult with a doctor when your self checks show positive indications of growth or dimpling in the breasts.

Other signs include changes in breast shape or size, dimples or indentations in the skin, nipple inversion or spontaneous discharge. Pain might also be an indicator of breast cancer although it is not always the case. Pain may also indicate other breast related illnesses like Pagets disease. Sometimes cancer becomes metastatic. This means that the cancer has spread beyond the original organ from which it originates via the bloodstream. There have been reports of brain tumors forming after a cancerous formation in the breast metastasized and entered the bloodstream reaching the brain.

Primary factors of breast cancer are sex, age, childbearing, hormones, a high fat diet, strong alcohol intake and obesity. Other sources are carcinogens like tobacco smoke or in some occasions, radiation. Most cancers are also hereditary. Though the cause of cancerous growths might not always be pinpointed, it is usually discovered during or after treatment. Cancer is highly unpredictable and mutations change at an exponential rate. The growth of cancer is actually a series of erratic mutations. Each mutation alters the state of the cells. This in turn may either invade other parts of the body or transfer via bloodstream. The latter being more dangerous as the metastasized cancer cell may be hard to detect once it reaches a different organ or location.

Resveratrol, a compounds found in red wine, is found to have regulated estrogen levels and prevented the growth of cancerous tissue due to hormonal imbalance. Too much estrogen in the system, whether male or female, equates to an increased risk in getting breast cancer. Estrogen metabolites form and when they react with DNA in breast cells, the risk of breast cancer increases dramatically. Because of its hormone regulating functions, resveratrol indirectly reduces the risk of having malignant growths in the breast caused by hormonal imbalance. A resveratrol concentration of 10 micromoles per liter was enough to keep estrogen metabolites from reacting with DNA. A typical glass of red wine has between 9 to 29 micromoles per liter depending on fermentation time and type of grapes used.

Resveratrol is a phytoestrogen. These are more commonly called dietary estrogens and are found in plants. There is evidence that suggests that phytoestrogens prevent the formation of breast and prostate cancers which are caused by hormonal imbalances. Cardiovascular diseases and menopausal symptoms are also regulated by the intake of phytoestrogens. Epidemiological studies have shown protective and preventive effects against breast cancer. Although there have been no reports of breast cancer patients benefiting from the intake of phyto estrogen. Resveratrol acts as a preventive measure, not a cure.

Portlander fills in gaps on Hispanic breast cancer risk

The U.S. government doesnt give people who are Hispanic a straight answer on their likelihood of developing breast cancer. Portland researcher Matthew Banegas wants to help change that. Most women who go to the governments online breast cancer risk

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Avera Health is the fifth medical institution nationwide to join a global network focused on personalized cancer care. The molecular and experimental medicine program at Avera Cancer Institute is joining the Worldwide Innovation Network, or WIN Consortium.

Metastatic breast cancer (MBC) is the most advanced stage (stage 4) of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Marathon Houston Cancer cells have extended past the breast and axillary lymph nodes to other regions of the body where they keep on developing and multiplying. The disease has the possibility to extend to almost any area of the body. The most usual part breast cancer extends to is the bone, followed by the lung and liver. Treatment of MBC in general concentrates on lessening symptoms and extending a womans life span.

In 10% of diagnoses, the cancer has already extended to distant areas in the body. A principal diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer might point to a fast development of the disease or that the cancer was present but not identified in the breast for some time.

The majority women accept a mixture of treatments. For women with stage 1, 2, or 3, the major objective is to treat the cancer and put off it from coming back. For women with stage 4 cancer, the objective is to recover symptoms and assist them survive longer. In a good number case, the later couldnt be treated.

Even though patients with stage 4 breast cancer might live for years, it is typically life-threatening in the future. Various factors affect this.

Here are a number of the customary treatments:

Chemotherapy, or treatment with cancer drugs, is frequently the major treatment. It could decelerate the development of the cancer. Chemotherapy is frequently utilized in conjunction with hormone therapy or immunotherapy.

Hormone therapy could be the solution for women with hormone receptor-positive cancers. These are cancers that require hormones to develop.

Biological therapy is a new method. In roughly 25% of women with breast cancer, an excess of a protein known as HER2 makes the cancer broaden speedily.

Clinical trials are open to several women with stage 4 cancer. A clinical trial might let you get into to cutting-edge treatments.

Surgery and radiation are employed in a number of cases. These treatments arent employed to treat the cancer. But they might assist treat pain and other symptoms in organs where the cancer has extend.

Other drugs might assist treat a number of the side effects of breast cancer treatment as well, like nausea, fatigue, and also infections.

Mom with breast cancer feeds newborn baby in emotional photos

Sarah Whitney was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer when she was 20 weeks pregnant with her third child. During her pregnancy, Whitney had a unilateral mastectomy to remove one of her breasts and began chemotherapy shortly after, according to

The symptoms of cancer will appear and grow rapidly day by day, week by week. Women with inflammatory breast cancer often have no idea that they have breast cancer because IBC does not usually form a lump in the breast. Instead, this cancer forms sheets of cancer cells making your breast feel thicker or heavier than usual. Other symptoms of IBC include swelling and tenderness of the breast, discoloration (usually red to purple) of the breast, itching or pain in the breast, dimpled or rough looking skin on the breast, swelling or crusting of the skin on the nipple and flattening or retraction of the nipple. Many of these symptoms mimic those of a breast infection, or mastitis. Mastitis usually causes a fever and usually occurs in younger breast-feeding mothers. Mastitis will respond to antibiotics. IBC, which has been documented in breast-feeding women, does not cause a fever nor respond to antibiotics.

Because the symptoms of IBC are so similar to mastitis and because inflammatory breast cancer is so rare, many doctors misdiagnose this cancer as mastitis. Patients are often prescribed multiple rounds of antibiotics because it doesnt clear up after the first round. If you have these symptoms and your doctor wants you to take more than one round of antibiotics, ask for a biopsy or referral to a breast specialist. You may have to be very aggressive to get the proper diagnosis. This is vital because the earlier this is diagnosed, the sooner you can begin treatment and the better your survival chances.

A proper cancer diagnosis usually results from elimination of mastitis as a culprit, with the symptoms still present and possibly getting worse. Your doctor may schedule you for a mammogram or a breast sonogram to confirm the diagnosis, but these are not very reliable with this cancer because the affected area may not show up. A biopsy is the most effective way to confirm diagnosis of this cancer, however it may still be wrong if your doctor biopsies the wrong area of your breast. Because this cancer does grow very rapidly, your doctor may also schedule other tests to determine if your cancer has spread to other organs in your body. This will affect your course of treatment.

Your treatment depends largely upon whether your cancer has spread to other organs of your body. You will most likely have a team of doctors talking with you, trying to determine the best course of treatment for you. You will receive aggressive treatment because inflammatory breast cancer is a late stage cancer. This means you will most likely receive chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. You will most likely receive chemotherapy first because this cancer makes performing surgery first risky due to the skin changes it causes. Chemotherapy also works to shrink the size of the cancer, making it more likely that surgery will remove all of it. The surgery that most women choose with this cancer is a mastectomy, or complete removal of the affected breast. This is because the cancer is often widespread throughout the breast, making a surgery that preserves breast tissue highly unlikely.

During surgery, your surgeon will probably remove the lymph nodes under your arm to examine them for cancer. After surgery, you will most likely receive radiation therapy. Radiation therapy is used to kill any cancer cells that the surgeon may have missed and to help prevent the cancer from returning. Inflammatory breast cancer has a high incidence of recurrence, so your doctor may prescribe additional rounds of chemotherapy if you responded well to the previous rounds or hormone therapy if your cancer was the type that grew in the presence of estrogen.

Doubt Is Raised Over Value of Surgery for Breast Lesion at Earliest Stage

As many as 60,000 American women each year are told they have a very early stage of breast cancer — Stage 0, as it is commonly known — a possible precursor to what could be a deadly tumor. And almost every one of the women has either a lumpectomy

Biomarker Technology Platforms For Cancer Diagnoses And Therapies Aarkstore Enterprise

Biomarker Technology Platforms For Cancer Diagnoses And Therapies Aarkstore Enterprise

Until superior therapeutic treatments are developed to prevent, treat and cure cancer, the best means of reducing mortality and morbidity in a disease this complex is early detection and diagnosis. In the major solid cancer types such as lung, breast, colon and prostate, long-term survival rates drop precipitously once metastatis has occurred. The case is clear for development of biomarkers for early detection and screening tests for diseases such as breast, colon, ovarian and lung cancer. In addition, diagnostic measurement of cancer disease progression is essential to successful disease management. For these reasons, development of new and effective biomarkers for cancer detection and diagnosis is central to the cancer problem. The use of nucleic acid biomarker diagnostics have begun to answer these questions. Protein biomarkers are also useful. The purpose of this Publications report is to describe the specific segment of the cancer diagnostics market which develops new biomarker technology platforms for diagnosing and treating cancer. Biomarkers are useful in following the course of cancer and evaluating which therapeutic regimes are most effective for a particular type of cancer, as well as determining long-term susceptibility to cancer or recurrence. This study particularly examines those clinical measurement devices, and their reagents and supplies, which are meant to be used in hospitals, clinics, commercial laboratories and doctors offices to diagnose and monitor cancer. The examination also provides an in-depth discussion of the application of biomarkers in developing novel targeted cancer therapeutics, their predication response and efficacy, as well as their use in diagnosis of cancer.

2. Introduction to Cancer Biology and the Diagnostic Industry 17

2.2 Cancer Detection and Treatment with Biomarkers 18

2.4 Drivers of the Biotech and Diagnostics Industry 28

2.6.2 The Relationship between Proteins and Diseases 35

2.6.5 Validation of Biomarkers Through Proper Study Design 37

2.6.6 Exploiting the Power of Mass Spectrometry to Improve Assay Specificity 37

2.6.7 Creating and Maintaining a Multi-Disease Product Pipeline 39

2.9.2 Medical Indications and Medically Useful Information 44

2.9.8 Genomic Disease Management and In Vitro Diagnostic Multivariate Index Assays (IVDMIA) 46

3. Market Analysis of the Cancer Biomarkers Space 48

3.2 The Overall Market Opportunity and Segmentation of the Total Cancer Biomarkers Marketplace 48

3.3.3 Market Size and Forecasts for Companion Diagnostic Tests for Cancer Therapeutics 59

3.3.4 SWOT Analysis of the Major Cancer Biomarker Market Segments 61

3.4 Cancer Biomarker Market Estimates by Tissue of Origin 64

3.6 Unmet Product Needs in the Cancer Biomarkers Space 68

3.7 Competitive Landscape of the Cancer Biomarkers Marketplace 70

4. Major Clinical Applications of Cancer Biomarkers 73

4.2 CYP2C9 Pharmacogenetics and Role in Personalized Medicine 75

5.2.1 Types of Genetic Testing Available for Breast Cancer 80 What Does a Positive BRCA1 or BRCA2 Test Result Mean? 81 What Does a Negative BRCA1 or BRCA2 Test Result Mean? 81 What Does an Ambiguous BRCA1 or BRCA2 Test Result Mean? 82 What are the Options for a Person Who Tests Positive? 82

5.2.3 What are Some of the Benefits of Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk? 83

5.2.4 What Are Some of the Risks of Genetic Testing for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk? 83

5.3.1 Expression and Prognostic Value of ER 83

5.3.3 ER and PR Predict Response to Endocrine Therapy 84

5.7 Use of Genomics to Understand Breast Cancer 92

5.8.1 The Use of Proteomics in Breast Cancer 94

5.9 Gene Expression Microarrays and Recurrence Prediction 98

5.9.6 Clinical Development and Validation of Oncotype DX 101 Clinical Development of the Oncotype DX Recurrence Score 101 Clinical Validation of Prediction of Recurrence and Survival in N, ER+ Patients Treated with Tamoxifen 101 Oncotype DX Predicts the Likelihood of Recurrence 102 Oncotype DX Predicts the Likelihood of Breast Cancer Survival in a Community Hospital Setting 102 Oncotype DX Predicts both Prognosis and Tamoxifen Benefit 103

5.11 Increased Clinical Utility of Oncotype DX 104

5.12.1 Recurrence and Benefit Test for N, ER Breast Cancer 105

5.24 Protein Biomarkers for Breast Cancer Prevention 116

5.25 Biomarker Prognosis of Breast Cancer Treated with Doxorubicin 116

6.2.1 Strategies for Discovering New Cancer Biomarkers 121

6.3 Serum Protein Biomarkers for Ovarian Cancer 121

6.4.1 Vermillions Ovarian Cancer Triage Diagnostic Program 124

7.1.2 Prostate Cancer Progression and Recurrence Test 126

7.5 Microarray Gene Identification of Prostate Biomarkers 129

For more information, please visit :

Ina Hughs: New diagnoses may mislabel nonconformists

A number of medical professionals are worried that listing so many diagnoses and putting out these labels, especially on children, is not healthy. A Washington Post article observed that, if Mozart were born today, he would be diagnosed with ADD and

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My cancer scare changed my life. Im grateful for every new, healthy day I have. It has helped me prioritize my life. ~Olivia Newton-John

YOU have cancer! 41 percent of the US population will be diagnosed with cancer!

Almost one in two men and women-approximately 41 percent of the population-will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime (American government Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 see more numbers below). I guess these numbers are much the same in most other countries with similar lifestyle.

Usually were thinking it doesnt happen to me, but when it comes to cancer I think most of us know that it is a big chance that just I will hear these words You have cancer. The good thing is that we can choose to never hear those words.

We were born with a body in perfect health and balance. It is obvious that we must be doing something very wrong as most of us suffer from one or another disease. The answer is that the Western/American diet destroys our health. Change your diet to a whole food plant-based diet. Change your way of thinking eat to live and dont live to eat and you will stay healthy. Eating well is not a guarantee that you wont get cancer, but it sure will put the odds in your favor!

American government Dietary Guidelines and Statistics for Americans year 2010.

Cancer Almost one in two men and women-approximately 41 percent of the population-will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

Cardiovascular disease 81.1 million Americans-37 percent of the 13 population-have cardiovascular disease. Major risk factors include high levels of blood cholesterol and other lipids, type 2 diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), metabolic syndrome, overweight and obesity, physical inactivity, and tobacco use. 16 percent of the U.S. adult population has high total blood cholesterol.

Hypertension 74.5 million Americans-34 percent of U.S. 15 adults-have hypertension. Hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease. 36 percent of American adults have pre-hypertension-blood pressure numbers that are higher than normal, but not yet in the 16 hypertension range.

Diabetes Nearly 24 million people-almost 11 percent of the population-ages 20 years and older have diabetes. The vast majority of cases are type 2 diabetes, which is heavily influenced by diet and physical activity. About 78 million Americans-35 percent of the U.S. adult population ages 20 years or older-have pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes (also called impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose) means that blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be called diabetes.

Physician error, medication error and adverse events from drugs or surgery kill 225,400 people per year ( Barbara Starfield, M.D., Article in the Journal of the American Medical Association year 2000)

And all this disease because of breakfast, lunch, dinner, drugs and wealth! And a Government that protect the industries and not the people. So much suffering and pain could all be prevented by one cure A whole foods, plant-based diet.

More and more people are overweight or die of diseases than ever!

The government is well informed about the information and evidence. Campbell says he has come to the conclusion that when it comes to health, government is not for people; its for the food and the pharmaceutical industry at the expense of our health, I cant agree more.

To me its hard to understand that so incredible many people today suffer from one or another serious disease when we sit on all this knowledge. All it takes is a change to a plant-based diet. And it seems that we have more than enough money to get the message out.

Expenditures in the United States on health care surpassed $ 2.3 trillion in 2008, more than three times the $ 714 billion spent in 1990, and over eight times the $ 253 billion spent in 1980.

WHAT does your doctor know about nutrition?

Should they not work to prevent illness? Should they not give you advice on how to stay healthy? Do they write prescriptions of healthy diets and exercise or do they just write prescriptions on harmful drugs? I made a google search. This is what people think doctors do: Doctors help people by giving prescriptions to get a certain medicine and by giving surgery . Do you agree this is a good use of our health money?

We spend $ 2.3 trillions on health care (crazy!) but more and more people are overweight or die of diseases than ever! What If some of the $ 2.3 trillions had been spent on public information about healthy plant-based diets and nutrition. What if some of these trillions had been spent to educate doctors in nutrition so they could work on preventing disease instead of trying to repair and cause even more disease. Something is very wrong.

Change your diet and stay healthy!

I have just finished reading the China Study by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. He is one of the giants in the field of nutrition. The China Study is the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever made. The study is based on hardcore scientific research. The science is clear and the results are solid and convincing evidence. Studies and years of research show that if you change your diet to a whole foods plant-based diet you will stay healthy. It reverses advanced heart disease and cancer. It helps obese people lose weight and diabetics get off their medication. Its really all up to YOU.

The evidence amassed from researchers around the world shows that the same foods that are good for prevention of cancer is also good for prevention of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, Alzheimers, cognitive dysfunction, MS, Osteporosis and other diseases.

Diet recommendations: From The American Government,

Increase intake of fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products, such as milk, yogurt, cheese,or fortified soy beverages. Choose a variety of protein foods, which include seafood, lean meat and poultry, eggs, beans and peas, soy products, and unsalted nuts and seeds . They also recommend that you eat more fruit and vegetables. (American government Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010).

Author of the China Study, Colin Campbells advice:

Choose a whole foods, plant-based diet. Minimize refined carbohydrates, added vegetables oils and fish.Avoid meat, poultry, dairy and eggs.

The big question is now that you know how you can prevent disease will you change your diet? I am afraid that most people will continue as before. We do not want to hear that our favorite foods are a problem simply because of their nutritional content. Many people continue smoking even if you can read on the package that smoke kills. But the day your doctor tells you YOU have cancer or even worse your kid has cancer What then?

He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how. Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

If you have not read the China Study then I highly recommend you do it it may save your life!

Related article: Benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Be yourself and be happy, never stop dreaming!

Is cancer a stem cell disease?

How stem cells talk to each other may partly explain why genes mutate and cause cancer, new research suggests. The work focuses on a family of proteins that communicate between cells called fibroblast growth factor (FGF). Errors in the way FGF is

Breast cancer today, is one of the most deadly diseases among women all over the world. As per the statistics, one out of nine women suffer from breast cancer. Though the cause and treatment of it has not been detected yet but if diagnosed in an early stage it can indeed be treated by conservative surgery and radio therapy thereafter. Discussed under are all the facts and details related to breast cancer. Take a look:

There are a couple of tests that can be done for diagnosing breast cancer. They are mentioned as under:

a) Clinical Examination for Breast Cancer

Every female between the age group of 20-40 should make a it a part of their routine check up every three years. Seek a physician or gynecologist and get yourself examined for breast cancer. Women older than 40 years need to get it examined at least once a year.

Mammography refers to the radiological examination of breasts using minimum amount of x-ray doses. Since mostly the breast cancer cases are found to be amongst women above 40, it is important for ladies in and above this age group that they go for mammography every year. This becomes all the more important in case one suspects some kind of abnormalities in breasts or has a family history of breast cancer.

Breast self examination or BSE is the easiest way to detect the signs of breast cancer by oneself. Perform this self test every month after 10 days of your mensuration to keep a track of possible breast cancer symptoms. How to do breast self examination can be learnt from various informative sites on internet.

The major factors that generally lead to breast cancer are:

Gender- Being a female, you automatically fall in the risk category of breast cancer.

Family History- One is more susceptible to this particular cancer if there is a hereditary of it in previous family generations.

Smoking- Smoking is one of the leading causes of breast cancer.

Alcohol Consumption- Too much of alcohol can also lead to breast cancer.

Early Radiological Examinations- Radiological examinations (for the treatment of another cancer) increases the risk of breast cancer.

Other Causes- other possible causes include obesity, age, early mensuration, dense breast tissues etc.

Mentioned under are the abnormalities in breast anatomy that are suggestive breast cancer symptoms:

-Abnormal swelling in a specific part or of the entire breast.

-Abnormal secreation (other than breast milk) from nipple.

-Puckering, dimpling or rashes in breast skin.

-Unusual lump in the underarm area.

On experiencing any of the above mentioned abnormalities or symptoms in breast, it is must to see a specializing doctor.

For detailed information regarding the above subject, check out breast cancer symptoms.

Cancer Type and Treatment for Cancer

Cancer Type and Treatment for Cancer

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected.

Cancer damages the body when damaged cells divide uncontrollably to form tumors or masses called tumors (except in the case of leukemia, where the cancer prohibits normal function of the blood by abnormal cell division in the bloodstream). Tumors can grow and interfere with the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems and can release hormones that alter the function of the body. Tumors that stay in one place and show limited growth are generally considered benign.

1. Cancer is not caused by injury, like a bump or bruise.

2. Cancer is not contagious. Although infection with certain viruses or bacteria may increase the risk of some cancers, can not catch cancer from another person.

3. Having one or more risk factors does not mean you have cancer. Most people who have risk factors never develop cancer.

4. Some people are more sensitive than others to known risk factors.

1. Persistent Fatigue: Fatigue is one of the symptoms most commonly experienced cancer. It is usually more common when the cancer is advanced, but still occurs in the early stages of some cancers.

2. Unintentional weight loss: While you may be pleasantly surprised to lose weight without trying, it may be a red flag for many diseases, including cancer.

3. The pain is usually pain an early symptom of cancer, except in some types of cancer that has spread to the bones.

4. Fever: Fever is a nonspecific symptom of many mild to severe conditions, including cancer. With respect to cancer, or a persistent fever is coming and going can often be a sign of stress on the immune system.

1. If the cancer is confined to one place and has not spread, the most common treatment is surgery to cure cancer. This is often the case with skin cancers and lung cancers, breast and colon.

2. If the tumor has spread to local lymph nodes, these sometimes can be removed.

3. If surgery can not remove all the cancer, treatment options include radiation, chemotherapy or both. Some cancers require a combination of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

4. Lymphoma or cancer of the lymph nodes, is rarely treated with surgery. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy is used most often to treat lymphoma.

1. 3-5 chewing Basil (Tulsi) leaves in the morning every day helps prevent cancer type.

2. Drink wheat grass juice in the morning every day is a very useful remedy that reduces the effects of cancer and also prevents cancer.

3. Drinking juice or eating pasta Beal Beal is beneficial in cancer of the blood and bone cancer.

4. Morning drink own urine every day also helps reduce the effects of cancer.

5. Drink Cauliflower (Phool Gobi) of juice in the morning helps reduce the impact and prevents cancer.

6. The consumption of carrot juice twice daily on an empty stomach helps to reduce the effects of cancer.

7. Carrot juice mixed with small amount of spinach (Palak) juice taken every day helps reduce the effects of cancer.

8. with cabbage, cauliflower, lemon, carrot, sweet lime (Mosambi), lentils (dal sabutan) with regular meals prevents and reduces the effects of cancer.

9. Drink durva (Dub, an herb used to worship Lord Ganesha) of regular honey juice reduces cancer effcts.

10. Being a good source of antioxidants, tamarind helps fight cancer. Use of tamarind leaves, fruits and bark of various ways to cope with cancer.

OC woman with terminal cancer marries love of her life

Doctors realized the cancer was much further along than they once thought and gave her six months to live. But on Friday, no one at the wedding was thinking about the car crash, cancer or whats to come. Friday was about celebrating Orellana and Rendon

Parathyroid cancer is also known as parathyroid carcinoma and is an extremely rare type of cancer. This cancer can affect both men and women. The cancer itself is slow to grow, however it may spread to other parts of the body, including the lungs and bones, if not found and treated. Parathyroid cancer has a high rate of reappearance -up to thirty years after the initial case. Therefore, if Parathyroid cancer is found, treatment should occur immediately and follow-ups should be done on a routine basis.

The parathyroid is made up of four pea-sized glands, two on each lobe of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland found at the base of the neck. While the cause of parathyroid is unknown, exposure to head or neck radiation may increase the odds of an occurrence of parathyroid cancer.

The parathyroid is responsible for the levels of calcium in the body. High levels of calcium in the blood may cause this type of cancer. The cancer causes calcium, which is stored in bones to move into the blood system. It also causes excess calcium to be absorbed into the intestines.

When testing for parathyroid cancer, calcium levels are tested. High levels of calcium may be an indication of this type of cancer. This particular type of cancer is extremely difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms may be indications of many other problems.

The most commonly experienced symptoms include weakness or fatigue, exhaustion, nausea, a feeling of being constantly thirsty, the need to urinate a lot, constipation, kidney stones, muscle weakness, weight loss, loss of appetite, pain in the abdomen that doesnt go away, bone fractures, or bone pain.

A lump may be felt near the thyroid. This could be confused with thyroid cancer. Ultrasounds may be used to determine the cause of cancer as well as testing calcium levels.

If parathyroid cancer is determined, surgery is almost always required. Drugs may also be prescribed in order to lower calcium levels and stop the calcium from being absorbed into the body.

As with any type of cancer, the earlier the detection, the better the odds for survival. If a patient experiences any of the above symptoms, a doctor or physician should be consulted. If a patient finds a lump in their neck, a specialist should be consulted. The longer any type of cancer is left untreated, the greater the odds the cancer will spread to other parts of the body.

Do breast cancer campaigns on social media sexualize participants?

NEW YORK – Breast cancer awareness campaign #boobsoverbellybuttons says it wants to raise awareness about the disease by asking women to post photos of themselves on social media feeling their own breasts. But Aimee Fletcher, who was diagnosed

Thyroid cancer is fortunately one of the most treatable types of cancer. Over 90% of those diagnosed with thyroid cancer have either a good or excellent chance of regaining full health.

The thyroid is located in front of the trachea and is described as a ‘butterfly shaped gland. The purpose of the thyroid is to secrete a thyroid hormone that regulates heart rate, blood pressure and weight.

There are four main types of thyroid cancer, which consist of papillary cancer (the most common type of thyroid cancer), follicular cancer, medullary cancer and anaplastic cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, there will be an estimated 44,670 new cases of thyroid cancer in 2010 with only 1,690 estimated deaths.

When cancer attacks the thyroid, symptoms may appear as a swelling or blockage of the airway or digestive tract, swollen or enlarged lymph nodes, pain in the neck and swelling in the neck area. A hoarseness when trying to speak may also be an indication of thyroid cancer.

Certain factors may make a person more prone to thyroid cancer. These factors do not mean a person will experience thyroid cancer, however, it does increase their chances. Being between the ages of 25-65 can increase the possibility of this condition. Females are more likely to experience thyroid nodules, however men are more likely to have cancer. Those with a family history of goiters may have a higher rate of experiencing this type of cancer. A history of thyroid cancer is also a factor. For some reason thyroid cancer rates are higher among Asians than other races.

When a doctor or specialist is attempting to determine if thyroid cancer is present, they will first do a physical exam and ask about family history. A laryngoscope, which is a tube with a light and lens, may be inserted into the throat to view the thyroid. Blood testing, ultra sounds, CT scans, MRIs, Petscans and more may all be utilized to determine the extent, if any, of the cancer. A biopsy may also be done to sample a portion of the growth.

The most severe type of thyroid cancer is anaplastic cancer. This has the lowest success rate for a cure. With this type of cancer, the thyroid is generally removed along with the lymph nodes. With other types of thyroid cancer, generally only a section need be removed.

As with any type of cancer, early detection increases odds of survival. Those who experience hoarseness, any type of swelling of the thyroid or the lymph nodes are encouraged to see a physician as soon as possible. The high success rates of treatment for thyroid cancer should be a motivating factor to get help as soon as possible.

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